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The Pôle culturel du Monastère des Ursulines offers a wide variety of activities throughout the year that are sure to please people of all ages.

Schedule — Fall 2021

Discover the exhibitions

Beethoven in Quebec City, a family performance

November 20 and 21

Ludovic dreams of becoming a champion of Guitar Hero, his favorite video game. As he’s trying to finish a particularly difficult level, a computer virus hits and wipes out all his progress. Catapulted into the video game, Ludovic goes on an epic adventure in search of a surprising page from the history of Quebec City. Help him complete the steps that will put him head-to-head with the 19th-century rock star Ludwig van Beethoven! 

Come and hear the music from the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven and learn about the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the one connection that links this universal genius with America. Specially created to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday, this production by the P’tits Mélomanes du Dimanche will transport you to a magical universe where music, theater and history are one and the same.

For more details click here.

Concert In honor of Madeleine de la Peltrie, by the musical ensemble La Chamaille

November 13

Please note that there will be some presentations in French only in between the musical pieces.

The Pôle culturel is proud to collaborate with the early music ensemble La Chamaille to present a musical production in the Ursuline Chapel. This history-themed concert marks the 350th anniversary of the death of Madeleine de la Peltrie, secular founder of the Ursulines in Quebec City. This important historical figure will be celebrated with musical selections from the 17th-century French repertoire.

General admission, no seats assigned.

For more information on the musical ensemble La Chamaille, visit the

Family Activities

Search & Find

Discovery challenge
4 years and up

Using silhouettes and clues, try to locate various objects in our exhibition halls. Young detectives, are your eyes sharp enough to spot them all?

Activity available during museum hours, included with general admission to the museum

We Grow Up by Playing

Temporary exhibition
2 years and up

Come and play with us! Discover the Ursulines’ astonishing collection of toys and games.

Available during museum hours

The Final Exam: Class of 1875

Discovery challenge
10 years and up

Visit our exhibition The Young Ladies Academy and see if you can pass the final exam! Do you have what it takes to match wits with 19th-century schoolgirls?

Activity available during museum hours, included with general admission to the museum

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