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Âmes soeurs

A history of friendship

The Augustinians and the Ursulines arrived in New France on August 1, 1639. They took the journey together on the same boat, and they have maintained a strong and faithful friendship ever since. In order to “preserve a perpetual and indissoluble union and spirit of charity between the two communities,” they agreed to a first act of union on February 8, 1651, which they renewed several times throughout their history, including on July 31, 2015, on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the arrival of the two communities’ founders.

Over the centuries, the Augustinians and Ursulines supported each other during various trials, such as the fires in their respective monasteries. They have come together to mark numerous celebrations, jubilees and commemorations. They have also shared their knowledge and expertise with each other. For example, the Ursulines in Roberval trained the Augustinians in Chicoutimi so they could run their own home economics school, while some of the Ursulines were students at the Hotel-Dieu nursing school in Quebec City. Several Ursulines also received medical care from the Augustinian sisters known as the Hospitalières. This history of friendship is brought to light in a documentary and podcast called Âmes sœurs, which is available in french.

New Act of union

This year the employees of the Monastère des Augustines and the Pôle culturel du Monastère des Ursulines joined together with a new act of union. At once symbolic and concrete, this gesture helps keep the long tradition of friendship and mutual aid alive, and to ensure that it lasts over time.

Two monasteries, two museums, one Act of union

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