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About the Pôle culturel du Monastère des Ursulines


The mission of the Pôle culturel du Monastère des Ursulines is to attest to the presence and work of the Ursulines and to share their patrimony by offering art- and heritage-based activities through discussions, experiences and events. The Pôle culturel, a nonprofit organization, ensures the management of the museum and its collections in addition to assuming responsibility for the community’s historical and administrative archives. The organization also develops activities that highlight the cultural, artistic, archival, religious and educational legacy of the Ursulines. 

The Team

Executive Director – Sophie Limoges
Executive Assistant – Christelle Delrieu

Curator incharge of Museology – Arnaud Bessière
Museology Technician – Marie-Christine Chabot
Museology Technician – Vincent Dion

Archives Coordinator – Josée Pomminville
Archives Technician – Julie Bourque
Archives Technician, incharge of Conservation – Marie-Michèle Adam
Archivist Christine Machiels

Cultural mediation coordinator – Maude Lavoie-Payeur                
Cultural Programs and Visitor Experience Advisor – Yohan Bonnette

Educational and Public Programs Advisor – Andréanne Duchesneau
Senior cultural Mediatior – Vincent Giguère de Carufel
Senior cultural Mediator – Estelle Nicolas
Cultural Mediator – Victoria Beauchamp
Cultural Mediator – Eliot Poulin


Board of Trustees

President – Guy Bouchard, retired school administrator
Vice President – Anne-Marie Boissonneault, vice president of Philanthropic Development at Centraide Québec

Secretary-Treasurer – David Mendel, president of Mendel Tours
Trustee – Christine Cheyrou, art historian and museologist
Trustee – Pauline Duchesne, O.S.U.
Trustee – Vincent Aubry, film and television advisor Québec City

Annual Report

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