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A Window on the Ursulines’ Heritage

These short videos introduce four people who demonstrate unwavering dedication and professionalism in their work for the Pôle culturel du Monastère des Ursulines.

Véronique Dumont

Véronique Dumont, museology technician, talks about her job and reveals one of her favorites from the collections.

Josée Pomminville

Archives coordinator Josée Pomminville discusses her role and shares one of her favorite pieces.

Yohan Bonnette

Yohan Bonnette, cultural programs and visitor experience advisor, explains his work and shares one of his favorites displayed in the museum.

Natalie Perron

Museology coordinator Natalie Perron talks about her job and presents a fascinating object from the collections, which is currently being restored at the Centre de conservation du Québec.

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