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The Ursuline Chapel

Nestled in the heart of Old Quebec, the Ursuline Chapel is a jewel of history and architecture. Erected in 1722, the chapel was rebuilt in its current form in 1902. It houses several treasures, including a carved-wood décor produced by Pierre-Noël Levasseur and his workshop from 1726 to 1736. The Ursulines undertook the meticulous work of gilding everything with gold leaf from 1736 to 1739. Several art historians agree that it is the most beautiful collection of wood carvings that remains in Canada from the New France era. It is also the only example of religious décor dating from this period that has been preserved in its entirety.


The chapel also houses more than fifteen paintings, the vast majority of which are part of the Desjardins Collection. This collection, established by abbots Philippe-Jean-Louis and Louis-Joseph Desjardins in the 19th century, enabled the delivery of almost 200 European paintings to Quebec. 

The paintings displayed in the chapel were made in the 17th and 18th centuries. They include works by significant artists such as Claude François, better known as Frère Luc, Frère André and Philippe de Champaigne.

marie de lincarnation

The Marie of the Incarnation Oratory,

At the heart of the chapel is the Marie of the Incarnation Oratory, a place of remembrance and contemplation dedicated to the founder of the Ursulines in Quebec City, who was canonized in 2014. Beneath the granite monument, made by the Delwaide and Bourgault workshops in 1972, lies Saint Marie of the Incarnation (1599-1672).

Echoes From the Heart, a 360-degree audio tour, offers a unique way to discover the chapel’s tangible and intangible treasures. Follow the voices of the nuns from the community who share their experiences of this place through their stories, their music and their silence.

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