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These virtual experiences reveal different aspects of the Ursulines’ legacy.

3D Monastery: Virtual Tour

3D Monastery

Thanks to a technology developed in Quebec, the Ursuline Monastery has been recreated in three dimensions, right down to the smallest details—including architecture, soundscape and spirit of place. Come on in and explore!

The Ursulines at a Glance

Discover more about the Ursulines with these inspiring videos!

A Window on the Ursulines’ Heritage

These short videos introduce four people who demonstrate unwavering dedication and professionalism in their work for the Pôle culturel du Monastère des Ursulines.


Discover our concerts performed in the Ursuline Chapel.

Virtual Gallery

This gallery offers a preview of the works of art, textual documents and photographs that have been maintained by the Ursulines since 1639.

Virtual Gallery

he schoolyard offers all kinds of activities for you to get creative,
get moving and get inspired.

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